The Next Bat Villain?

Tom Hardy, last seen in Inception and who played Picard’s evil clone in Star Trek: Nemesis has been picked by Chris Nolan for the next Batman film. They didn’t say for what role, but Hardy is great at playing villains. Here is his viruoso performance in Bronson, which was about Britain’s most violent prisoner.

I remember when Nolan picked Heath Ledger for the Joker. I was like, well, not my pick. But he was amazing. I could see Hardy taking on someone like the Riddler, for example, and really making him scary.

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  1. I have seen all of the director’s work. I highly recommend his Pusher series, which is about drug dealers in Denmark. You can stream them from Netflix. Bronson is his most polished film. It is very similar in style, to the point of homage, to Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. The character is an insane, violent maniac, who is at times rather amusing when he isn’t beating on people. Not much story there, it’s about the guy’s strange life. I’d say it’s well done but not for everyone. Hardy is really good in it. I have seen in him a lot of films. He can do all sorts of characters. But he is best at villains.

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