The State Bans Friendship

You think I’m joking, yet the same creepy social engineers who have made a mess of society are now trying to discourage kids from having best friends. Imagine what kind of nightmare social misfits they will be creating with this stupidity. They are going against human nature and bonding.

But increasingly, some educators and other professionals who work with children are asking a question that might surprise their parents: Should a child really have a best friend?

Most children naturally seek close friends. In a survey of nearly 3,000 Americans ages 8 to 24 conducted last year by Harris Interactive, 94 percent said they had at least one close friend. But the classic best-friend bond — the two special pals who share secrets and exploits, who gravitate to each other on the playground and who head out the door together every day after school — signals potential trouble for school officials intent on discouraging anything that hints of exclusivity, in part because of concerns about cliques and bullying.

“I think it is kids’ preference to pair up and have that one best friend. As adults — teachers and counselors — we try to encourage them not to do that,” said Christine Laycob, director of counseling at Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School in St. Louis. “We try to talk to kids and work with them to get them to have big groups of friends and not be so possessive about friends.”

“Parents sometimes say Johnny needs that one special friend,” she continued. “We say he doesn’t need a best friend.”

And they wonder why people are pulling their kids out of public school. The state is increasingly anti-human.

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  1. This makes me want to relinquish my membership to the human race. I am utterly flabbergasted by this insanity.

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