The Violent Protesters Are All Left-Wing

Here we have the recent anti-illegal immigration protest in San Francisco and look who got bussed in? An army of leftists with Che signs and astro-turfed placards shouting “racist!” Some of the groups involved were “La Raza” which means, The Race. Ironic, no? Latinos aren’t a race. Hate to break it to you. Many Latinos are ethnically white, as much as they don’t want to admit it. There are also black Latinos and Asian, yes, Asian Latinos. The United States isn’t the only place people from around the world have come to in the last couple hundred years. There are plenty of first, second, third generation Chinese, Japanese, Philipino, Koreans, etc. in Latin America. Peru used to have a Japanese-Peruvian president. The new Robin Hood movie has a Guatemalan actor playing King John of England, and you would never know he was Guatemalan if you didn’t already. There are plenty of European descended Latinos. We are the world, suckers. A latino race makes as muich sense as an “American race.”

So these groups shouting “racist” are in fact, nothing but hate groups run by fascists who believe in a totalitarian state. Hence the Che posters. Che was a brutal killer for the Castro regime. And yes, a real racist.

Look at all the threats coming from that crowd. They want to scare people into shutting up and not opposing them. Typical fascist tactics. All because these miniutement protesters want the immigration laws enforced.

Now look at this video from Arizona where similar astro-turfed mobs, again with Marxist signs, fronted by Marxists groups, are throwing bottles at cops, painting “Burn this Racist City Down” on sidewalks. And they want to call the Tea Parties dangerous? So far no one has complained a peep about this crap in lefty land other than to endorse it.

All this talk of imperialism is hilarious too. Mexico, which was created imperialist Europeans, was an imperialist country when it annexed part of what is now the US. They surrendered or gave up the land they temporarily seized and it has been legally uncontested for a long time. Now what we’re seeing is imperialist Mexicans claiming they have the right to take it back. These people are ignorant goons.

People opposed to statism and fascism must not be cowed by these characters. These demonstrations are orchestrated by radical groups, and if we didn’t have a government in league with them right now, this crap wouldn’t be tolerated. But we, as citizens, can educate people to know what they are. Fake front groups and we should not back down to them in any way. If you live in Arizona, support the governor there and let her know it. If you don’t, send her your support anyway here.

Oh, yeah. Let’s not forget this nonsense. This teacher needs to be fired. Schools taught be radicals are the same as madrassas churning out terrorists.

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  1. Mexico’s argument seems to be “We stole it first!”
    And the willful ignorance of the media towards REAL racists groups like La Raza gets me incandescently furious. The MSM must die. Liberal academia must die. The progressives in politics would never have been able to do what they’ve done without the media and the academy brainwashing the population and controlling the debate by filtering out information that doesn’t fit the program.
    (BTW, that school where the kids were asked to take off their flag t-shirts? It has an official and approved La Raza “club” on campus.)

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