The Worst Congress Ever

On Nancy Pelosi’s first day as leader of the 111th Congress in 2007 she made the following pledge.

But what really happened is her congress is responsible for more debt and spending than all the previous 100 congresses combined. This is a congress that was criminally negligible, if not criminally intent. There have been several times when they said they wanted more power from the people. They wanted more taxes constantly, to pay for their reckless behavior. And anyone who dared criticize them or speak out was labeled an extremist. Remember all the tea party bashing?

Of course, plenty of people believed their lies and still do, despite all that’s happened. Fortunately, most do not. Obamacare is still unpopular as ever. The voters kicked out a lot of Democrats last month.

The president said last week that this was the most “productive” congress ever. Considering how much damage they did to the economy, I guess those theories about him trying to trash America are true.

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