The Worst President EVAR

You know, I’m beginning to understand how Bush haters must have felt. Though believe it or not, I don’t hate Obama. I don’t hate anyone. It’s just not in my nature.

But I have never seen such a combination of carelessness, willful ignorance and deceit in a politician. It’s combined with a genuine talent for rhetoric and self promotion.

Every single day of his administration he does something bad for this country or just plain wrong. And not just bad from a conservative perspective, he seems to be doing a great job offending lefties, too.

Today he made a couple of incredible bone-headed statements including saying that Iran has a right to nuclear power. Critics are calling his trip to the Middle East his second apology tour. I call it the suck up tour because he’s trying to get Arabs to “like” him. But his charms will only take him so far.

They hate the US more than they will ever like one guy. And when commies like Chavez start praising you, it’s time for an impeachment.

I suspect by the end of the year, we may hear some calls for it. A series of insanely incompetent and corrupt actions like the destruction of two major car companies is not going to allow him to skate much longer.

Now he looks like he was a bought off servant. Weak. This is going to really make him disliked among many people who hate the Saudis.

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  1. I know how you feel, Hud. My sentiments exactly.

    Obama is one of those empty-suit types you start encountering in high school. I KNEW people like that and never cared for them.

    I was talking to a guy in the comic shop and the thing we both most agreed on — we HATE Obama’s ideas. He hasn’t had one that’s good for the country!

    The other thing that distresses me is why are we selling companies to the Chinese??? You know GM sold its Hummer division to them! As ugly and impractical as those vehicles are, why are they giving away technology to a government that hates our nation???

    I hope most of us wake up and realize what a bad bag of goods was sold to the country last year by the press. BO’s by far the worst President I’ve lived through in my short life. Last guy that was inspirational in a good meaningful way was definitely Reagan.

    I haven’t cared for a President since then even though the Bushes and Clinton had their moments. BO is just plain bad news all over.

    Again, no problem with a Black president. I just wish it had been someone with good intentions for THIS country and someone who wasn’t such a mediocre, empty person like this guy. I’m still amazed people can’t see that. They’re just hoping things get better… They won’t until they take charge of their own lives and elect leaders who care about their constituents and the country more than they do about lining their retirement benefits. We have a whole Capitol building full of people who are mostly running things in their own self-interests… and it’s been a disaster for the better part of two decades now.

  2. Why does he think the Iranians have a right to nuclear power when he won’t even let US make new ones? Why doesn’t he tell the Iranians they’ll have to make do with windmills and solar power?
    Jeez louise.
    Did you know this administration has borrowed as much money in the last 6 months as all previous administrations for the last 30 years combined?
    Words fail me at what is going on in Washington. And the GOP are a bunch of spineless pussies to be rolling over for all this crap. They should be fighting every step of the way, tooth and nails red with Democrat blood. Sotomayor will be an inept, racist, far-left liberal force in the Supreme Court for decades! The Repubs should be pulling every possible trick out of the hat to stop her. The whole thing reminds me of the war on terror. You know what happens when you start to play by peacetime rules in warfare?
    You. Lose.
    This is a war for the future of America. The Repubs need to start playing by the same political rules the Dems always use–unrestricted warfare and scorched earth. Or they will lose.

  3. The problem is both parties are riddled with corrupt, incompetent chumps. There needs to be a major purge of teh political class. We need to get back to basics.

    Obama is making such a fool of the US right now, it’s sickening.

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