Three Great Essays

I happen to agree with these three points of view, which pretty much sums up three arguments I have been making on this blog for years.

1. Global Warming is a scam. Here is a list of reasons. Download it. You will find it very interesting, especially if you believed in the warming lie. Besides, the big proof that the whole thing is political can be demonstrated by the fact that lefties are the big believers in the lie. And who is pushing it hard? Anti-capitalists who want the economies of the west to fail. They are coming out of to protest in Copenhagen. They even cheered on Hugo Chavez when he spoke.

2. Socialized Medicine is fascism. Once the government controls healthcare, it can then dictate your lifestyle. Read this and weep. As a libertarian I am not only opposed to statism, I am opposed to government interference in people’s personal lives. Nationalized healthcare opens the door to that and you will never be free again. Plus, they will tax you hard while they order you around.

3. Socialism destroys economies and makes everyone (except the elites) suffer. Argentina is a prime example. Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea. We know all about them, but Argentina shows us how a rich country can follow the path the Democrats want us to democratically, and see where it leads. It is death. Forget it.

Thanks to Toren for these great links.

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