Vietnam Redux

We didn’t lose the Vietnam war, no matter what they may have told you in school. We defeated the North Vietnamese army, the Tet offensive was the last hurrah of the North. But the Democrats used it and the capitulation message that came from CBS’s Walter Cronkite as an excuse to cut off funding to the war. The Nixon Administration (mainly Dr. Henry Kissinger) had been negotiating with the North for a peaceful resolution. But cutting off funding, the North knew we were going to leave. So they just waited till we did and moved in. Peace treaty or not, as soon as the majority of our troops pulled out, they moved in and the South fell to the communists. A very serious humanitarian disaster followed for years.

The Democrats and the leftist anti-war crowd shrugged. The same people who were complaining about American committed “atrocities” in the war, most of which were nothing but communist propaganda, didn’t seem to care about the atrocities that were perpetrated on all these displaced people. A vast number of them came here.

Prepare for something similar. Barack Obama gave a speech today indicating that we were done in Iraq, and would be winding down in Afghanistan. This is basically telling Al Qaeda and other monsters in the region there will be a power vacuum and they can move in unopposed. It will happen. And when it does hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people will die. Many will be displaced. Many will relocate here. Two more dominos will fall and Muslim extremists will have two more nations under their control.

Obama has neither the skill, the wisdom or the will to maintain our war efforts. He put good people in charge, but he has lost the support of most Americans and will try to appease his base, who are losing interest in him fast. The same crowd who didn’t care about the boat people and the Cambodian killing fields will make jokes about the Iraqis and Afghanis who lose their lives and freedom to terrorists and the Taliban. I’m sure sanctimonious clowns like David Letterman will make cracks to Paul about how glad he is we’re out of there. Then wipe mock flop sweat from his brow.

Jimmy Carter sold out the people of Iran. Obama will have two nations on his conscience, if he has one.

Unless some miracle happens in the next year, I say expect to see a lot of horror stories coming from the middle east. That may sound really pessimistic, but this administration is repeating history.

Elections do have consequences. When Bush started his war on terror and said it would take 10 years, I thought: “If your war is unpopular and the other party gets elected, it can end badly.”

I hope I’m wrong.

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  1. Bravo! For telling it exactly like it is.

    Unfortunately with Obama the marxist Muslim in Chief your synopsis and predictions are right on target. To paraphrase just as George W. Bush had stated, if Islamic extremism is not defeated abroad it will only continue to spread here as well. Look at the mess we’re in now.

  2. Glad you mentioned the Vietnamese immigrants.

    You know Britain and France’s little problem with their “asian” and north african immigrants? That’s a function of those little adventures in Algeria, Afghanistan and India. Funny how that works out.

    I figure we can put the 8 to 12 million Islamic refugees someplace in Texas or Arizona. They’ll like the weather and they can keep their AK-47s and RPGs.

  3. Unfortunately, Hud is also wrong on the “Muslim extremists.’ There is no such thing as ‘moderate’ or ‘extreme’ Islam. It is simply Islam and it continues the jihad against the West.

  4. No, the vast majority of Muslims are people who were born into it and it’s just something in the background of their lives. Fanatics are an extreme. There just happens to be a lot of fanatics, because most Muslims are not only poor, they are in repressed societies. But many millions of Muslims do not take their religion all that seriously.

  5. I actually agree more with your assessment on the ‘Muslim extremists’ than my own, except that not all Muslims carry out or wish to carry out violent jihad. Although Islam itself does prescribe it if not always in explicit violent means, to the same ends of conquest. There are a small minority of Muslims who want to reform Islam, but I suppose they are apostates.

  6. Islam had its reformation 200 years ago and it is called Wahabbism. Just ask Bosch Fawstin. He should know, he is an Apostate.

  7. Well, I guess I’ll backtrack a bit and stick with my original term ‘Islamic extremism’, because Islam itself is extreme, and one could argue for quite some time the levels of extremism or not of the various spectrum of Muslims. It is true, and especially for the women, many Muslims are simply that because they are subjugated to it.

    I still believe Obama is a ‘Muslim extremist’ though! In addition to being a marxist. : )~

  8. I’m always amazed at the number of liberals I talk to who don’t realize the Vietnam War was not “America invading Vietnam” but “America assisting South Vietnam from conquest by the communist Chinese-supported North.”
    It is also illuminating to note that campus demonstrations against the Vietnam War plummeted after the draft was stopped. The war continued, but for some reason a lot of young folks lost interest.

  9. That’s why criminal congress creature Charlie Rangel kept trying to get the draft restarted. He thought that would kill Bush’s wars.

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