Vote Fraud in Nevada

You may have heard the one about people complaining in Nevada that the votes they put in the machines for Sharon Angle are going to Reid. Now we discover that those machines are being serviced by none other than the SEIU. The same group that helped get Obama elected. The same union that Obama says he works hand in hand with.

And if that isn’t illegal enough for you, it turns out that Reid and the SEIU are offering bribes if people vote for Reid and his son (who is running for governor). Buying votes is illegal.

Other reports of voter fraud are coming in from all over the country. This kind of thing is getting way out of hand. And a corrupt justice department is hardly the one to investigate it all. They just ignored the black panther case from 2008.

UPDATE: The same issue is also being reported in South Carolina. People voting for Republican are seeing their vote changed to Democrat.

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  2. The Dems have always had voter fraud as part of their bag of tricks, but they are sure pulling out the stops this time…for obvious reasons.
    Hopefully one thing the Republicans can do once they get into power is require people to present government photo ID to vote. It’s mind-boggling that this isn’t already the case. The Dems whine that it will “disenfranchise” voters. No, it will disenfranchise people too lazy or stupid to get ID, and we don’t want those people voting anyway. Not to mention how I get disenfranchised when some illegal alien or dead person cancels out my vote.

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