You Are Now Less Dumb

This is a trailer for a new book by David McRaney. It’s a sequel to his other book You Are Not So Smart. I just discovered his site though this article, it sounds like a perfect book to go along with my philosophy of Para-Realism. Basically, human beings constantly delude themselves. Much of what we believe is false. And that is why so much of the world is a mess. Politicians take advantage of this to manufacture consent. More on that later.

While I haven’t read his books yet, I love the premise and this trailer. I will be checking them out.

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  1. Interesting that the narrator seems to accept the conclusion that “Scientists” are the arbiters of reality. There is a non trivial disconnect between people who accurately employ the scientific method and Scientist-Priests these days. Unfortunately, it is no longer a rare event to find high level scientists preaching non-science to either push their political agendas and/or assure funding.

    = Carl Sagan and TAPPS
    = AGW hysterics

    • Scientists are often wrong. In fact, almost all scientific cant gets revised or thrown out over 50 years or so. The fact is most science is nothing more than theory and often based on opinion rather than real data. Or, to put it another way, faith. Engineering is the only real science of fact because it can demonstrate that it works.

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