A Super Mistake: DC Comics PR Disaster

I wrote an article forBig Hollywood on the subject of Superman renouncing his citizenship. Here it is.

The bottom line is, this may have been some stunt because it’s issue 900, or it might have been done leading into the upcoming film, but they don’t understand what a huge mistake it is, on so many levels. And they will come to regret it in time. It’s going to turn off a lot of people for no good reason. And harm the brand.

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  1. I don’t think it’s the US going nuts that is behind a lot of the crazy things going on now…

    What is out-of-sync is the elite leadership that is so disconnected from the average citizen that they are behaving like they’re from a different planet. America DOES NOT equal the World. We should also be very careful about supporting some of the protests taking place overseas because it’s very clear some of them have the fingerprints of al Quaeda and the other extremist Moslem movements. One foreign person’s definition of freedom does NOT equal what we Americans have taken for granted at our own risk. Remember, a lot of these “freedom fighters” want Sharia law. Even the majority of us who still believe in a personal God DO NOT want to impose our beliefs on other adults and ban public dancing and liquor. Responsible behavior and moderation is all that most people ask. That’s freedom-loving.

    For some time now, I’ve been very upset at both Marvel and DC editorial as well as the wider range of writers for the content in their mainly monthly comics. It is not only contradictory to the past behaviors and histories of the characters but it’s also in the most banal cases examples of extreme left indoctrination (I’m looking at you Bendis, Millar, and Ellis in particular) and at its worst so frighteningly devoid of logic that I’m wondering who the comics are written for now. Certainly not for me which is why I gave up on the monthlies years ago and gravitate towards reprint material and the occasional independent trade that has stories that are actually fun to read.

    IF this latest DC PR fiasco is an attempt to prime people for the new Superman film, it failed miserably.
    Superman at his best represents the hopes and aspirations of the young at heart as well as the ultimate expression of what the good guy is supposed to be and how he should act…
    These stories of him grovelling and complaining and getting into muddled politics DO NOT reflect the character at his best nor are they anything like past historical behavior.

    This has been a long time in coming but obviously it’s the ultimate reflection of of the downward editorial trends I’ve been seeing for at least a decade… Disrespect for the characters and the original intent/directions of creators and the editors who KNEW what they were doing, and ultimately, a huge slap in the face to people who have followed those books for years. The writers and editors at BOTH DC and Marvel would do well to remember that the people who BUY THEIR DAMN COMICS AT STORES are the one who ultimately pay for their bills/employment. Most of us have decided long since that we’re NOT gonna take it anymore and spend/save money elsewhere. There’s not much of a remaining audience that these jerks can continue to piss off.

    I’m sorry, but comics were better when they were written for children and not emotionally arrested 20-somethings caught up on either Rambo (jingoism at its finest) or the clap-trap you hear from ex-hippie college professors…. I’ve had an earload of both and I dislike both intensely. The comics were better when they were written by responsible adults and not writers/editors angling to get cushier jobs in the entertainment industry. They were written by people who were anti-establishment and not those trying to get into the movie production system by blowing the supposed king-makers.

    There’s something reassuring about reading stories about editors who were concerned about the morality and behavior of characters in the past (DC editors of the late 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s) and put bans on the killing and brutality that has become prevalent since the late 1980s. So much for the Left being about peace and love, ‘ey Bro’s? I have never seen as much blood and guts flow viscerally from comics than after some of the current brain trust arrived in town. Johns, in particular, loves the flow of blood and senseless killings in his stories. Don’t forget this when you consider he’s part of the “brain trust”/”character keepers” at DC now.

    I knew some of the current DC editorial had questionable taste and judgment… I had no idea that Jim Lee and Geoff Johns were as clueless as they obviously are. As for Dan Didio, it’s taken for granted he doesn’t know what he’s doing half the time but there were hopes that the other two guys had more than a a quarter-brain to share between them. Obviously, we shoulda known better since these guys matured during one of the critically crappiest eras of comics — the 1990s Image era.

    Should have left the heroes for the kids, guys. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed the vast majority of the really good stories were written before 1987 and didn’t feature the foul mouths and limb tearing that are the product of the current troika geniuses at DC…

    • http://www.newsarama.com/comics/the-q-supermans-citizenship-110502.html

      Words straight from comic book creators —

      — what a depressing lot of mostly clueless guys!

      Excepting Peter David and Beau Smith, I had to take issue with what these guys said.
      They’re naive, insulated from reality, and honestly don’t understand the product they’re selling.

      (Cary Bates — I can kind of understand his reasoning. This is the guy who RUINED the Silver Age Flash with depressing storylines and a trial thread that lasted far too long. The fact that he doesn’t understand the basics doesn’t surprise me.)

      They obviously grew up in a different country than I did….

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