American Idol 4/14/2009

Well, last night proved once again it was mostly down to three contestants this year. Adam in the lead, Allison on his heels and Danny Gokey running a close third.

It was movie theme night with Quentin Tarantino as coach. He seemed to do a good job directing them but a few fell short of the mark. Namely Matt, Lil Rounds and to some extent Kris. I have a feeling it will be Matt who leaves tonight, but it could be Lil. She has turned in good performances in the last three weeks but not good enough to please the judges and you can tell she’s frustrated. Simon seems to have written her off. He basically told Allison she is the only girl who can win this season. They’ve decided to make it a horse race between her and Adam.

Anoop once again turned in a great performance. One of his best. It’s doubtful he’ll win, but it will be interesting to see how long he lasts.

Adam’s performance was great, doing Steppenwolf’s Born to be Wild from Easy Rider. An interesting choice since the rest of the song choices were from the 80s up. I do think Adam is relying too much on his rock screechy voice lately. The audience seems to eat it up but I’m finding it to become a crutch for him. But we know he can do other styles. We’ll see how next week is.

I pretty much agree with Simon on Danny that his cover of Endless Love was technically beautiful, but he should have made it his own. That was the only thing you could complain about. The guy always turns in a purely professional performance each time.

Poor Matt was good again, but just not up to the level of the others. And Kris did a great job but the song was not well known and kind of quiet. I think Lil Rounds will be in the bottom the also, but may make it through again. She better figure out a way to impress the judges though.

Anoop is the dark horse this year. He only got in on a whim of Simon’s after failing the Wild Card round. And yet he has lasted a long while and may make it as far as the final 4. I think it’s very possible that if Danny or Allison stumbles (unlikely) he might even make it to the top three.

But from where we stand now, it’s the Allison and Adam show. Like it was the two Davids last year. And it’ll be interesting to see who wins the final prize.

UPDATE: I was right except Lil Rounds was not in the bottom 3. Anoop was. So Anoop may not be as secure as I thought. The judges pulled the save which means next week there will be two who get eliminated. Ouch. And it’s Disco week, which could be either good or bad depending on song choice. I think Lil Rounds should pick a Donna Summer song.

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