Did the Obama Administration Just Commit a War Crime?

I got to thinking about what happened last Sunday and after watching the strange, frantic ever changing story coming out of the White House I began to think they must be trying to cover something up. Their behavior is consistent with that kind of action. So I looked at what happened and realized something. They may have done something illegal, and it was made illegal by President Obama’s own actions in 2009. President Obama may have committed a war crime.

Read about it here on Big Peace.

UPDATE: Judge Andrew Napolitano agrees with my points.

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  1. While I am famous for my meandering “wall o’ text” replies to some things, I feel confident with the following as expressing my feelings on this matter adequately: Proving you’ll die if you kill Americans is a hell of a lot more important than proving we’re more moral than our enemies.

    • I don’t have a problem with Osama being dead. I do think we should have captured him as I said in another article. My point of this article is he did not really do this in accordance to the law and the constitution. Which is par for the course with Obama. But I feel it needed to be said,.

  2. Never gonna happen with Holder as AG. (Or anyone appointed as AG by Obama.)
    He won’t even prosecute Black Panthers who clearly committed civil rights violations at voting precincts in the past Presidential election!!

    You honestly think he’d go after his buddy Barry when he’s made it clear won’t prosecute crimes involving thugs caught on tape????

    • No, but it could open him up to other problems. I don’t think Obama will be impeached since the Democrats control the Senate, but there are other ways he can be made to squirm And the biggest problem with be further erosion of his credibly and standing internationally. Not that he has much now.

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