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  1. The more I see of him, the more I like The Judge…  🙂
    * (I’d call him Uncle Nappy, but I think that’s too informal and overly personal.  The Judge sounds about right!)

    Yeah, I pretty much agree 100% with him.
    I love it that Fox News gives him and Stossel a forum. 
    The alphabet networks, MSNBC, and CNN won’t allow their views on-air.  Stossel and The Judge are far closer to the views of what a lot of us thinking individuals are gravitating towards than the pundits and anchors in Alphabet Soup are. 

    My big disgust with Ron Paul is still foreign policy.  I think he’s naive on the Middle East and Iran. (Although somebody seems to be killing off all the nuclear experts in Iran…  It’s Mossad or the CIA.  Or both)

    Otherwise, I’d be sorely tempted to vote for Ron Paul.  If it didn’t help re-elect the “Anointed One.”

    I definitely believe Romney is anything but conservative let alone libertarian!
    Rhino indeed…

    I’ve read on other boards that a high percentage of the military is on-board with Ron Paul.
    They’ve gotten disgusted with 20+ constant years of one war after another…

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