Having Fun With My iPad

If it was a woman I would probably marry it. It really love it, no doubt. And I’m probably going to start doing video blogs using it once I get more into using imovie which I’ve been playing around with.

I wanted to do a video about the Zimmerman/Martin case but the story is finally coming out that Martin instigated it not the other way around. I may still do it. The bottom line with this case is the prejudices of people on both sides are whats driving it not he facts. A lot of blacks assume Martin was an innocent victim and the media has painted Zimmerman as a racist shooter but now that the facts are coming out they are once again looking bad. And they are starting to cover themselves.

Anyway, I use the ipad for a lot of things besides blog. So many useful apps. Its much better than carrying around a bulky laptop except for typing. Thats where the laptop has it beat. But I can always buy a keyboard for it later if I want. As it easy it’s way handier than I imagined it would be.

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  1. The Zimmerman case is beginning to sound more and more like the hockey/fraternity case a few years ago where the media jumped on a bandwagon and presumed the jocks were guilty of rape.  It was easy to hate the guys because of stereotypes about upper/middle-class jocks being douches and so on but in the end it was proven that it was the stripper/prostitute who was lying.

    I’ve got a strong feeling, too, that there’s more to the Zimmerman case, too.

    The problem today is that this wouldn’t have blown out of proportion and one guy presumed innocent/guilty that long ago.  I know in the 50’s and 60’s (prior to the later-decade radicalism) that the kids/teens/adults involved in potential racial situations were vetted.  They weren’t suppported blindly because of the limited resources of the civil rights community and also because there was a concern for the PR fallout if it turned out that “victims” were not-so-innocent.

    There were also more people back then who believed/understood that you’re responsible for your life, health, and actions.  They didn’t enable irresponsible behavior as much back then, either.  People had to take charge of their lives!

    Responsibility is the “N-word” today and that’s unfortunate.  We’re all paying a huge price for that mentality.

    Today, it’s being presumed that all minorities are innnocent and even if they are criminals it’s all society’s fault because nobody can advance when it’s the “(white) man’s game!” 

    That’s a racist mentality, too, but I’m telling you as minority myself that’s what a lot of people think — including at least one of my sisters.  She didn’t believe OJ was guilty, either, and campaigned and voted for the Useful-Fool-in-Chief, and did NOT listen to a damn thing I told her about Chicago racial politics and the scum that comes out of Illinois, too.  (Btw, she’s causing a huge rift in my famiy, right now, and has some serious psychological issues…  She’s literally from another planet mentality-wise.  The problem’s been brewing for a while — probably longer than I suspect and it’s a huge mess.  I am really, really concerned for her now and with the help she’s getting.  Not a good situation….)


    If you didn’t know this, Hud, I’ll tell you know…

    You know Jeri Ryan, the Star Trek: Voyager actress?  Her ex was a major GOP politician way back when Obama was just starting his presidential aspirations.  Both men campaigned for the open Senatorial seat from Illinois.  (This was late 1990s I believe.)

    That campaign happened in the middle of the Ryans’ divorce proceedings… and anyhow, at the time, the divorce was all but finished and there was some personal stuff that was sealed at the request of BOTH Ryans.

    Somehow, the Obama team got the legal trolls in the area to throw out the law and open all this personal stuff and get it out in the open where it didn’t belong!  It totally derailed Mr. Ryan’s run for the Senate seat.

    As usual, Obama ran nearly unopposed and won…  The Ryans were both publicly humiliated.
    I can’t imagine that unless she’s a complete idiot that she loves Obama, either…  Not saying at that point in time that she loved her ex but man what the Obama people did was incredibly arrogant and insensitive and it’s amazing that people like my (very sick) sister don’t see this side of the current political machine.

    Sure, some GOP guys have gone to this level and I don’t care for that, either.  (Newt and Santorum are particularly at some more personal-level attacks.  That’s part of what toppled Gingrich in the end, too.)  But I have noticed since the Clinton days that the Dems have been particularly good at getting legal and financial issues that should be SEALED BY LAW and destroying people publicly with it… all with the aid of the media, of course!

    • Yes, this story is another mess created by the media. And this administration may be stupid enough to get more into this mess, which will backfire if they do. This may be another example of the press inciting the racial mob mentality. And it will make akll who jumped on that bandwagon look bad in the process.

  2. What does being a woman have to do with marrying a tablet computer? Just asking, cybersex is a hobby. 😉

    Have you downloaded the Marvel and DC apps yet? Also, if you find an app that allows a small press publisher to do what Marvel and DC have done let us know. 

    • I’m sure Hud will get on that in a new post in the near-future.

      He’s been singing the praises/hope of “flatbeds” (tablets) and e-papers for a long while.
      (I think DC and Marvel need more help than that, though…  They’re dinosaurs and ineptly managed for the most part.  The bureaucracy in those comics maintains inertia resistant to technological changes and institutional reform.)

      Indie comics and creators who keep on top of technology and figure out how to use it to their advantage should be fine….  after they figure  how to get paid!

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