Hollywood’s 3 Coolest Security Systems

(Guest Post)

The beauty of the movies is that it nothing is off limits. Even the craziest, most farfetched ideas can be
explored in cinema, and security is no exception. Hollywood has served up some pretty cool security
systems in recent years, usually because the technology is way more advanced than what actually exists.
Here are three of the best:

Minority Report

Is it ethical to arrest someone before they commit a crime? In the 2002 sci-fi thriller Minority Report,
Tom Cruise stars as John Anderton, a captain in the tremendously controversial Washington, D.C.,
PreCrime police force. PreCrime works by using three mutated psychic humans called “precogs” to stop
murders before they happen. But when Anderton learns that has been identified as the killer of a man
he has never even met, he suddenly becomes a fugitive from the same men and women he used to
work alongside every day. Minority Report was directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg, who hired
a team of technological savants to help dream up the many cutting-edge gizmos and gadgets used the

Resident Evil

Lasers have been an earmark of the Resident Evil series since the first film was released in 2002. The
Hive, a top-secret genetic research complex located under the streets of Raccoon City, employs a high-
tech security system, personified by a holographic avatar named the Red Queen. When a security
operative steals the genetically engineered T-virus and contaminates the Hive, the system locks down
the facility and eradicates everyone inside by activating a high-intensity laser grid. Yikes!

While laser protection may seem incredibly futuristic, this sort of technology is actually integrated
into modern-day residential alarm systems. Many of today’s motion detectors work by using invisible
infrared beams to measure the energy level in the room. When an intruder walks into its field of view,
a drastic increase in infrared energy is detected, which, in turn, sets off the alarm. In fact, many home
security systems, like the ADT monitored alarms from www.homesecuritysystems.com, offer pet-
sensitive motion detectors that can be programmed to ignore the movements of your cat or dog.

Panic Room

Panic Room stars Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart, who play a beleaguered mother and daughter forced
to hide out in their highly fortified, cutting-edge safe room following a home invasion. The room is
encased by concrete and steel on all sides and includes multiple surveillance cameras, an independent
phone line and an intricate security system.

While most people can’t afford a panic room like the one featured in the film, many home security
gurus and enthusiastic preppers have transformed interior rooms into secure hideaways. This can easily
be done by replacing the door in a windowless bathroom or closet with a solid-core exterior door and
stocking the room with food, supplies and a communication device.

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