Human Biology Rules Us

This series of lectures is fascinating for a lot of reasons, not merely because the professor, Robert Sapolsky, is a entertaining lecturer. A lot of our own behavior is really the product of our biology, our neuro-chemistry and our evolution (or design). This series explains a lot of it and it may surprise you,. I recommend watching at least the first episode. It will make you think.

One of the takeaways from this is we are hardwired to think and see things in categories. We divide things into classes or categories in our mind. This is something politicians take advantage of during election years because they want us to see everything in stark classes of us vs them. Us being your “party” vs their party. This is a false dynamic. Neither party is really your party. Not unless you belong to a very small class of people who control that party. So don’t be fooled by the word games being played right now. The bottom line is one party has proven itself in its capacity to keep expanding the deficit while claiming to be trying to lower it. They are not to be taken seriously in their claims to offer any solutions since they proposed none that worked nor did they provide any that helped. The other party is in large part responsible for the debt as well. They claim to want to fix that. We’ll see.

Frankly I can count on one hand the number of people in politics that are seriously talking about taking on the debt and if that isnt scary enough, people from both parties are trying to label them as crazy.

Ultimately, its important to remember that human nature rules all human endeavor. Anyone who denies it will fail. All systems that don’t realistically deal with it will fail. Politicians largely exploit their crude understanding of human nature to try yo exploit it for power. But the end results almost always turn to serious problems. You have to go with those who are closest to understanding it and the consequences. Those that try to bribe people with government largess arent serious.

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