Iran: Then and Now

Iran in the 70s

Iran today

The Shah of Iran was beset on two fronts. The Iranian Communists who were funded by the Soviet Union, who wanted the pro-western nation to become a Soviet satellite state, and the Islamists, who eventually succeeded in over throwing the Shah and instituted their radical, totalitarian state.

When you want to destroy a society, you try to break it from within. That is what the Islamists did. What the Soviets tried. That is what our enemies have been trying here. They have tried to break America’s confidence in itself which was once unparalleled. They have tried to make Americans question every move they make. They tried to make everyone believe we’re the bad guys, so we won’t fight back when they try to destroy our government. Now we have people in government trying to undermine our constitution and rights in every way, and these people were educated in the ways of Marxists. In fact, over 70 self professed socialists in Congress now. Many members of this administration have socialist or leftist ties. Many, if not most of the Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the Senate are advancing big government.

Statism only leads to totalitarianism. History has shown this over and over again. It doesn’t matter what they call it, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Islamism, whatever, it ends up being the same thing in the end. A brutal regime of some kind oppresses everyone else. Those who endorse statism, whether they be Islamic fundamentalists or Marxist radicals, they only bring about oppressive societies where people have limited options. When you look at the political landscape, those who are for more government, more taxes are the enemies of individual rights and freedoms. No matter what they claim. Even if they believe otherwise, themselves.

They are trying to make anyone for smaller government out to be “extreme” and “radical”, but that is how it works when you’re out to steal or cheat someone.

You never say, “I am going to take away your money and freedom. Vote for me!” No one would vote for you. So you accuse the other guy of wanting to do what you intend to pull off once you have power. That is how Hugo Chavez got into power in Venezuela. He claimed that the evil capitalists were oppressing the people, and now the people of Venezuela have less freedom, a dictator and a dying economy. The Islamists in Iran told the people that they had to get rid of the Shah because he was a puppet of the west and a brutal dictator. They created a government a 100 times worse than anything the people ever experienced under the Shah. Under the Shah, women had equal rights. Iran was a prosperous country. Now it is a barbaric, backward place feared by its neighbors and an exporter of terrorism.

Here’s an interview with the Shah during the energy crisis when OPEC had raised the price of oil, defending Iran’s participation in that. His view of the future of Iran is that it would be one of the world’s most prosperous nations. And it would have been if not for the two evil factions who wanted to take him down. When you hear him talk about how fast his economy is growing, you can see why the Communists and Islamists wanted to take it over. Of course, they kill economies, not make them succeed.

Look at what’s happening in the world today and think about that. They got Iran. Now they want to take us down. Maybe not the Soviets, but certainly the same kind of forces. We do not want to end up like Iran, or Venezuela.

Remember November.

UPDATE: Compare the Shah meeting Kennedy to the insane fanatic running Iran now.

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  1. Interesting that you mentioned Chavez here, James. The parallels between what Mossadegh did and what Chavez did to gain power are actually pretty striking.

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