Japan: Nature is a Harsh Mistress

Scary stuff in Japan, a country that sits on the ring of fire. Not only are there volcanoes in Japan, but there is a lot of seismic activity there. So much so that buildings have to be made to withstand major quakes like the one that just hit. But even that can’t save smaller buildings when a tsunami hits. Watch as it sweeps away buildings and cars like so much flotsam.

The fact is nature can smack down human cities with ease whenever it wants. All the scare talks in the world by climate hacks are immaterial in the face of what volcanoes and quakes do on a fairly regular basis around the world. We take so much for granted, but a serious event like this can take it all away. 88,000 people are feared missing with over 1,000 confirmed dead so far.

Look at this amazing video of the quake’s energy rippling across the planet.

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