Nixon was a lot smarter and more competent than Obama. He also actually had a sense of honor and the importance of office which is why he resigned. Obama will not resign unless he really has to. And he will do everything in his power to try to blame others for his own misdeeds.

I just found out yesterday, for example, that Bosch Fawstin, the comics artist who gave us Pigman and who I interviewed for my podcasts, befriended Senator Ted Cruz on Facebook when the Senator wanted to follow him there. And the second he did, the so-called Justice Department started following Bosch on Facebook. Nixon wasn’t as obvious as these clowns, either.

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  1. Wow… and I thought we weren’t supposed to have the KGB and Gestapo in the US but yet here they are under one administration!

    Didn’t know the idea of the IRS and US Justice Dept was to intimidate and harass American citizens who aren’t fans of the President or logically contest really poorly thought-out policy! Can we also stop creating jobs for lawyers NOBODY needs and at least dissolve the IRS in favor of a tax system that’s fairer and actually works???!!??!? There’s no question the Justice Dept needs to be reformed, too, and some people not only need to be fired but retired/laid off, too. There’s no way these travesties would be happening unless there’s a bunch of deadwood and yes-men there to assist the Obamites.

    Man, this is beyond belief! Why hasn’t the Clown-in-Chief been impeached yet??? He’s done worse than Watergate, Iron Contra, and most of Clinton’s visible messes put together —! One term, even!

    Are we THAT racist that we STILL treat people differently because of skin??? We WON’T go after the worst, most incompetent and crooked President of the PAST CENTURY because he’s Black???? Wasn’t he supposed to be the “post-racial” President, most talented, and “transparent”? What a freakin’ joke! These guys don’t even bother to try to hide what they do anymore and Consigliere Axelrod gives out the gameplans before they do anything! You have to be an ideologue and royal fascist — anti-freedom, anti-choice — to support this!

    Are people FINALLY going to wake up and demand FINAL action so that these clowns will be stopped — for at least the rest of this admin’s term????

    This is all just nuts and I can’t see how we can call this country a republic anymore with such out-of-control, obviously crooked, and self-serving leadership… THEY NEED TO GO!

    • Add “sense of humor” AND “THICKER SKIN” to the qualities Nixon had that Bao-Mao doesn’t.

      For that matter, Bao-Mao’s wife doesn’t have a sense of humor or thick skin, either.

      “Common sense,” “Knowledge of Real Issues,” and “Not Overly Distracted by Hollywood and Celebrity,” should ALSO be at the top of Nixon’s list. Negatives for the first two and positive for the third trait on Bao-Mao’s list.

      Amazing to me how the media was overly focused on Nixon at times but they don’t pay attention to the present Incompetent-In-Chief’s (IIC) many, many indiscretions and outright, plain-as-day blundering.

      Clinton was right. The current IIC is real amateur!

  2. Obama wasn’t stupid enough to record his own criminality in the oval office. That’s one up for laughing boy over Tricky Dick – an amateur in the dirty tricks department. .

    “We’re pros, Mr. Bond” – KGB assassin Donald Grant

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