Obama's Many Lies

Well, he gave his state of the union address which was full of lies and false promises, not to mention class warfare arguments that are a huge part of the Democrats message this year. Glenn Beck gave a run down on some of Obama’s many lies here and its worth watching even if you don’t like Beck. He lists the many lies and false promises Obama has made since taking office. And its an ugly list.

The fact is this president is damaging our economy on purpose. Damaging our liberties on purpose. Doing serious harm and his administration is easily the most blatantly corrupt since Harding. This is going to be an ugly year, watch and learn. Obama is beatable but we have to wonder what criminal acts will be performed by these people to stay in power. That are very blatant about what they’re doing and no one is seriously challenging them on it.

Today my Mom told me about a guy she knows who made 60 cupcakes for his kid’s school only to learn that they were sent back because Mrs. Obama isn’t allowing sweets from home to come into the classrooms. Parents are no longer able to put cookies in their child’s lunchbox, they will be taken away. I don’t know if this is a local school policy from the guidelines given by the first nightmare or not, but iof this is going on across the country i suspect there will be a lot of angry voters in November not happy with the president. Let’s hope.

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