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  1. Because Obama ressembles Alfred E. Newman?
    Like when he holds out for a UN mandate to legally protect the civilians of Libya and let’s the French, the British and the Norweignas take the lead in recinforcing a no fly zone requested by the league of Arab nations.
    Yeah, what an idiot, huh?

    • When will people learn!

      The Arabs of the region will ALWAYS find something to criticize the West about even IF we do what they requested…!


      1,000 years later and their thinking is still firmly latched into Medieval mode.

      The West came out of the Crusade period and moved forward in politics, technology, scientific investigation, and Western religion became more empathetic and honored individualism more as time went on.

      The Crusades only delayed further fighting amongst Arab leaders and tribes and whatever they had accumulated in knowledge and technology fell by the wayside.

      Now, tell us how many useful inventions have developed in the Middle East (outside of Israel) over the past century??? Not too many Noble Prize winners there, either… and the Peace Prizes awarded to some Arab leaders have been a joke since they’ve reneged on many truces and peace settlements and gone back to stabbing their neighbors in the back!

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