Outrage DuJour

It seems the Obama administration provides us with a daily outrage each day. You would think even the clueless morons he has working for him would have some sensitivity about New Yorkers and 9/11, but maybe they all believe it was an inside job with no actual planes involved.

In any event, they decided to do some photo ops of a low flying Air Force One over Manhattan without telling anyone. The plane was being followed by two fighter jets.


At the end of the day, after people were evacuated from buildings and the mayor of NY had a screaming match at Obama’s peons, the story comes out that Obama is “furious” over the stunt.

Imagine, a photo op and he’s not even in it!

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  1. Outrageous. But then again, outrageous is the most apt term to describe the daily going ons at the White House lately. You give the “clueless morons” too much credit Hud, they in fact think quite differently and subscribe to the man-in-the-cave theory for 911. What nutters.

  2. Obama is furious all, right. He’s furious something caused trouble and he, the owner of Air Force One and the employer of the people who made the decision to do it, might actually be held responsible in even some vague way.
    No fear, Big O! The MSM is covering for you even as we speak, educating the proles about the existence of someplace called the White House Military Office who can safely be blamed.

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