Proof Politicians are Useless

The US needs more energy, better infrastructure and they have frittered away our money on useless crap and corrupt and incompetent bureaucracies. They ban lightbulbs in order to push people into using a inferior, environmentally toxic alternative. They avoid dealing with the issue of growing demand by trying to force us step by step into using less. Watch them ramp this up in the next few years unless we force them to deal with the real problems we’re facing.

1. A failing infrastructure. Our commerce and prosperity not to mention our need to transport goods are dependent on the infrastructure being sound. President Obama ran on fixing the infrastructure but he allocated very little of the stimulus on it. And little of the stimulus has been spent, regardless. All those “shovel ready jobs” he promised still haven’t been funded.

2. An insufficient failing energy grid. They’re wasting money on things like green energy projects which are less efficient and reliable, as well as more expensive. And on things like carbon capturing because they believe carbon is a “dangerous pollutant”. For those of you who (apparently, like President Obama and his Energy Secretary Steven Chu) lack science fundamentals or are blinded by ideology, carbon is one of the most common atoms in the universe. We are carbon based life forms. It is the most common atom on earth. It is not a dangerous pollutant. All life is made of carbon. It exhales carbon dioxide. Despite the growing evidence there is no global warming, or man made climate change, they continue to frivolously waste money on it.

Edison’s light bulbs work great. They have not been improved on. Though I am looking forward to LEDs for home lighting use, I doubt they will provide better light. They do, however use less energy than CFLs and they last even longer. Bu t they are extremely expensive and like CFLs do not provide the kind of light an incandescent bulb does.

Politicians banned them because they are trying to wean us off energy using devices rather than providing better energy sources. Like more nuclear reactors and a better grid. In trying to systematically downscale our society they will downscale our economy and that will be disastrous.

Don’t support any politician who wants to do that.

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  1. The only shovel-ready work in the Taxulus Bill will be going to gravediggers once ObamaCare goes through.
    According to most accounts, only between 3% and 5% of the Stimulus Bill has been spent so far. Seems odd. Until you realize the spending is “stepped” so that over 50% of it occurs the year before Obama’s reelection attempt. Gee, why would that be?
    As the “shovel-ready” nonsense…you know, if I though the money really was going to shore up America’s aging infrastructure, I’d actually grit my teeth and approve of it. The country is full of crumbling interstates and collapsing bridges that were built 60 or more years ago. They’re not being fixed or maintained because no politician wants to waste money on that sort of thing when they could be bribing special interests for votes instead.
    And shortly after the bill was passed, it occurred to the feminists that 99% of the “shovel”-type jobs in America were done by (gasp! shock!) men. They descended on Washington like a bunch of screeching harpies and within a few weeks had gotten concessions that will insure 41% of the money goes towards creating jobs for women. What kind of jobs? Paper-shuffling government jobs, of course. They’re not going to ruin their nails digging ditches. So when the stimulus money runs out, the guys building the bridges are out of work. The women in those plush government jobs? Not so much. So you can consider that 41% of the stimulus money has just been added permanently to the tax bill.

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