Review: Prometheus

Did man evolve or was he created? This film uses that as a question the main characters attempt to solve by visiting the moon of a distant world where ancient cave paintings have pointed to as a home of giant gods. When they arrive they find a valley where giant mounds riddled with caves and filled with secrets lay in a straight line. Inside horror and wonder awaits.

The critics who are disappointed by this film simply don’t get it. Its a thrill ride not a philosophical discussion and it does its job very well. While it does contain horror and monsters, it is a unique film that doesn’t rely on the tropes of the genre so much as it actually has a well paced and interesting plot full of good twists and turns. Something so many films of its ilk today sorely lack.

It is a prequel to Alien and it does answer a lot of questions about where the monsters in that film series came from. But apparently film critics are too dumb to put two and two together. If you followed the Alien series of films it makes perfect sense. I won’t spell it out here but when you see the film the ships captain explains it all in a speech.

As to why the giant aliens acted the way they did it will hopefully be explained in the sequel which is set up at the end.

It’s a very satisfying and entertaining film that seems to puzzle a lot of people. They simply aren’t used to not having the film maker beat them over the head with explanations. Frankly, that made the film a lot more satisfying for me.

There are a couple pieces of viral marketing they made before the film was released that didn’t make it into the movie. Here they are in case you missed them. They actually add to the back story of the film and are worth seeing.

Peter Weyland TED speech

David 8 Commercial

Crew Files Video

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  1. I was once a big fan of Kubrick and Clark’s 2001 movie. After I had read Clark’s very hard to find book,  I realized that Kubrick’s purposeful obscurity in the film was a sham. It gave a movie about aliens creating man a pseudo depth it didn’t deserve in order to give overly self esteemed baby boomer adolescents something to mentally masturbate over. I am not a fan of  Neon Genesis Evangelion for the same reason.

    To put it in terms of story structure, Kubrick sets up a premise, has an action climax but doesn’t pay off the story hooks which keeps the viewer guessing. IMO this is a cheat in the contract between the story teller and the customer. Like finding out that there’s only 11 cookies in the 12 pack you bought.

    So I’ll wait for the DVD to see Prometheus in spite of the SFX. Besides which, the “operation scene” strikes me as something gratuitously thrown in as a topper to the original chest burster scene so magnify the Aliens = Prometheus hook.

    • 2001 was too obscure. I just re-watched it last week and feel it should have been clearer. But I give it credit for being the first film of its kind to do that. Promethus isnt that obscure. Its only obscure on some questions but I feel its acceptable the way its handled. Some people are complaining but I say they are lazy. Life is full of unanswered questions. That’s realistic

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