REVIEW: Taken 2, Looper

Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately. Been very busy creating a new comic for Aces Weekly with Val Mayerik and some other projects. But I wanted to talk about two films I saw this weekend, both of which I enjoyed.

Taken 2 is getting a pounding by critics with only a 19% positive and a 76% positive by moviegoers. Why do critics hate it so much? I don’t know other than the bad guys are Muslims though its not ground into your face. They’re white Muslims, though I’m sure that doesn’t matter to them. The story is pretty basic but what do you expect from a Taken sequel? It does its job very well. Some implausibilities exist but nothing so bad it ruins the film. Anyway, 60 year old Liam Neeson is as lethal as any Expendables actor tries to be but with much more acting chops.

Looper sounds like a low budget sci-fi thriller with a twist, which is kind of what it is, however the writing, acting and story is way better than I expected. Its kind of a twist on the Terminator except with assassins. Criminals in the future send the people they want to kill back into the bast (our future) where they are killed by these assassins called Loopers. Since its hard to get rid of bodies in the future they use this twist in time travel. The problem is some crime boss in the future is killing a lot of people and sending them back to their younger selves to be killed as some kind of sick joke. The nominal; hero of the story, a drug addicted looper has to kill himself but he’s a bad ass in the future played by Bruce Willis and that’s no easy task. The film takes some very interesting turns I did not see coming. Time travel movies are often twisty and sometimes absurd but this one has a very clever couple of turns and some great character actors pop in here and there. Check it out.

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  1. Many movie critics are liberal ideologues.
    You see this all the time in the major papers where they try to tie scenes and plots into contemporary politics and make some kind of social commentary… commentary that alienates at least half the country. It’s usually a dig at conservative politics, Christianity, traditional families, white males, anybody who’s not part of the “protected victims’ classes.” Bunch of phooey!

    That’s NOT what most of us want to read!
    We want to know if the acting’s good, is the story worth my time, and do we get an enjoyable ride for the 90-120 minutes we have to sit our duffs in the movie theater!

    A reviewer’s job should be so damn simple but as Roger Ebert has demonstrated many times, they go off into tangents talking about nonsense that is NOT related to the movie at-hand! They many times demonstrate that they live in glasshouses/bubbles and don’t understand the realities most of us face who aren’t LA-based or in New York, or (god help you!) Chicago!

    A lot of the films these guys give positive reviews to are very creepy and beyond the boundaries of socially accepted good taste. These are lolita, necrophiliac, and every other type of taboo that most of us don’t want to be reminded of in-theaters… it’s borderline pornography if not actual pornography. That’s not entertaiment — it’s a form of psychological sickness and torture. And these guys think they’re mainstream???!!!????!!!???

    This is why most of us still rely on word-of-mouth from close friends and family OR, at worst, go to online critique sites and see what other moviegoers have to say.

    The nationally-known movie critics have generally become such blowhards and useful idiots such that most people don’t listen to them anymore…

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