Reviews: Super 8, The Illusionist, Get Low

I had a chance to go see Super 8 on Sunday and I had a good time. It was a homage to early Speilberg, set around 1980 in a small mid-western town. A train crash is witnessed by kids filming a movie and something escapes from the train. The Air Force comes to reclaim it and all kinds of stuff ensures. It’s basically ET on steroids without being an obvious swipe. The film moves along well and really holds your interest. It has a lot of heart. Fans of the late 70s, early 80s will find it very nostalgic.

I also watched a couple DVDs. The Illusionist is a animated French film from the maker of The Triplets of Bellville. It’s about a failed magician who takes on a small town girl who follows him around. He tries to take care of her but he doesn’t make any money so they struggle while stuck in Edinburgh in the late 1950s. The animation is great and it’s interesting because there is almost no dialog. The story is told through the actions of the people.

Get Low was a recent film with Robert Duvall and Bill Murray, based on the true story of an old hermit who wanted a funeral while he was still alive so he could see what people would say about him. The truth is, he had a confession he wanted to make. It’s set during the 1930s and has an excellent cast which includes Sissy Spacek.

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