RIP: Chris Hitchens and Joe Simon

One of the best and most honest left wing pundits of his time has died, Christopher Hitchens, who was a great writer and a brilliant mind. Hey may have been wrong about some things as all humans are but unlike most people on the left, he could back up his arguments and because of that did not fall into the foolish ideologies many of them have. He was well respected by those on the right because he was honest and not prone to reflexively disagree with them just because of the side he chose. I enjoyed many of his pieces over the years. He will be missed.

Joe Simon was the co-creator of Captain American and worked with Jack Kirby on a number of projects in their youth. He ws 98 years old. He is considered one of the important writers of the Golden Age of comics and its refreshing to see the attention he’s getting in the press over his passing. It’s nice to see comics legends get some attention they deserve. It’s about time the art form was respected.

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