San Diego Con Report

Here is my report from yesterday for Big Hollywood. Not much to report today. Just say some friends and then I got out of that floor because the crowds are just way too intense. I did play around with the City of Heroes software, I like the game. They were demoing the new stuff coming out, which includes being able to change the way your powers look.

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  1. And the big licensing news nobody’s talking about is Marvel buying out the rights to the British spin-off of the original Captain Marvel, Miracleman/Marvelman!

    (They had to change the character’s name to Miracleman in the US because Marvel’s lawyers are dickish enough to presume the company has the right in perpetuity to the word “Marvel.” That’s why DC can’t use the name for Billy Batson’s alter ego even though that character preceded the Marvel company name by a quarter century!)

    The resolution of the rights problem to that character may be too little, too late.

    I don’t know that there are enough Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, or whoever fans that really want to see unfinished stories finally completed from the mid-1980s let alone reprints of a British comic from the mid-1950s.

    It may be that Marvelman’s creator gets the last laugh in this deal…

  2. I’m confused. They bought the rights to the original version, not the Moore/Gaiman one? Because that is all a big mess and Gaiman would have to have sold his rights. Moore gave up all claims to them

  3. If they brought the original rights, it might be to clear any legal hurdles Gaiman might’ve had in bringing the story to Marvel (which he’s spoken about in the past – He’s still working with them, right?). I’m unclear about any of that, but if DC is bringing Capt Marvel to the screen, I can see Marvel wanting to get Marvelman out there. And that’s where the money is, isn’t it?

  4. No,

    What I read is that what Marvel bought covers the ENTIRE spectrum of Marvelman stories. Not just the British original but what was also published by Eclipse in the 1980s.

    The legal mess was cleared up and it appears the creator of Marvelman retained the rights to the character all along. There was a legal feud a few years back with Gaiman and McFarlane fighting over the character rights and other issues but apparently it’s been discovered that McFarlane NEVER had the character rights to MM at all!

    We’ll see what happens after Marvel starts publishing the character again. Be interesting to see if there are enough fans left to make it worth their while. It’s been about 20 years since anything’s been done with MM in the US.

  5. The problem I have with Marvel now is that aside from the movies I just don’t recognize the characters anymore!

    Sure, they look like the characters that appeared in the comics when I read them but they sure don’t act according to any kind of perceivable character logic or past continuity/history.

    It’s a combination of hiring all these indie comic writers and Hollywood guys who have no business writing superhero comics in addition to nonexistent editing or editors who are just as clueless about what kind of people these characters are supposed to be.

    I’m sure glad this isn’t the only hobby I have and that Marvel isn’t the sole comic book company, either.

    I have to admit reprints of comics from the 40s, 50s, and 60s are generally more fun than the bulk of stuff being produced today.

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