The God Particle Found

Scientists at CERN in Switzerland are expected to announce Wednesday that the Higgs-Boson particle has been verified. What is that, you ask? It’s one of the holy grails of physics. This video explains it pretty well, but basically it’s theorized that when the big bang happened this mysterious particle gave some other particles mass which changed the structure of the universe and made everything we take for granted possible, including ourselves. Up till now all they could do is speculate on it.

CERN used the large hadron collider to detect the particle. But despite what some people think its not the only reason the collider was built. It can be used to detect other particles we don’t yet know about, broadening our understanding of the building blocks of matter.

This video also does a great job of explaining it for the layman.

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  1. The Standard Model boys like Lee Smolin are rubbing their hands with glee, and the String Theorists like Michio Kaku are wringing their hands in despair. What fun!

    • Agree. Smolin’s book implies that what’s
      happened to sub-atomic physics/cosmology is the same thing that’s
      happened to climate science. He calls it “sociology” – but it’s all
      about a single theoretical group occupying the funding mechanisms and
      department politics and subsequently changing the “science” that’s being

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