The Stolen Election

Not surprising if true. Obama is a Marxist Statist and these are Marxist Statist tactics. (I changed the word because statist is a catch all for the different big government types. Technically, Obama is more of a fascist.)

UPDATE: Now this is really interesting, from HillBuzz. A site built by former Hillary supporters who are now against the corrupt nightmare the Democrats have become (became is more like it).

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  1. Remember, this is coming from the Clinton camp looking towards the primaries in 2012.

    I love the smell of leftist fratricide in the morning. It smells like freedom.

  2. That's true. I suspect she will pull a lot of come from behind type acts leading up to 2012.It will be interesting to see when she decides to resign from his administration. I suspect she will time it around some scandal that she “feels she must distance herself” from Obama over

  3. This is old news that no one wanted to hear before now – now, that is, as BHO's mask has completely slipped, even to his most ardent minions.

    ALL of the frightening stuff the media completely ignored on the run-up to the 2008 election, and beyond, is going to start surfacing as BHO's ability to steer the narrative evaporates and the public begins holding him accountable for the shambles this nation is becoming. No one wants to hear about “Bush” anymore. This includes a final reckoning regarding exactly what's on his original Certificate of Live Birth, still guarded by an army of attorneys in HI. “Barry Dunham, COME ON DOWN!!!,” says the Devil.

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