Wearable Computers

The next phase in mobile devices are computers you can wear. The tiny smart phone will be replaced by something you wear around your neck or is built into your clothes (in a special compartment perhaps), that makes the world your interface. I say in 5 years or so the prototype you see here will be real and much slicker and smaller. And available for not a lot of money. Maybe less than $100 eventually.

So iphone and andrioid users, your slick futuristic device is about to become obsolete.

Already, there are more smart phones than desktop computers, so the mobile computer is the standard device for most people, This trend will accelerate. The beauty is, you can read books or watch movies on any decent surface because the projectors will be higher resolution that what you see here. HDTV projectors or better will be in these devices which will be smaller and lighter than the current smart phone.

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