Why Global Warming Became Important to Scientists

It’s all about the money. Dr. Michio Kaku actually believes in man made Global Warming, so perhaps he is unaware of the irony here. But AGW didn’t become a “crisis” in the minds of scientists until after the cold war funding dried up. Gee, what a coincidence.

Everything is based on something and when politicians and scientists all start making wild claims that aren’t supported by reality, follow the money.

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  1. You really hit this one on the head James. I’m glad I saw that.

    I’m not a fan of celebrity scientists, mainly because of Carl Sagan (see “TTAPS” or nuclear winter). But this unintended confession is great evidence that the politicization of science is endemic.

  2. It’s been politicized for decades… At least since World War II.

    There was a split in the nuclear science community post-WWII. Oppenheimer was eventually “contained” by the government because of loose lips and associations with individuals who were spying for the Soviet government. Note: never was it proven that Oppenheimer did any spying or intentionally reveal information. He was duped like everybody else was!

    His protege, Edward Teller, became lead developer of the H-bomb and was as true a believer in inevitable conflict with the Soviets as anybody could be. We were all very lucky that WWIII/MAD didn’t become a reality.

    Post-Cold War, Teller fell in with the global warming crowd, too. It unfortunately looks like you generally have to scare people to get money from the Feds. IMHO, on top of wasting tons of money on science scams like GW, we’re still pursuing weapon systems that have dubious applications (stealth is a gigantic waste of money) and likely will “stay in the shop”/turn into hangar queens. The bang for the buck just isn’t there. Efficiency has been thrown out the window in favor of bigger bucks.

    (Fortunately, the Russians and Chinese are being just as stupid as we’ve been and are developing similar stealth systems. They’re already having problems well before the systems go into production. The next conventional war could be called off for both lack of spare parts and maintenance issues.)

    That whole intertwining of the military-industrial complex and the connection with the research side of science was something that we were warned about decades ago. Sometimes good things come out of it — the Internet, for instance — but other times good money is thrown after ideas that just weren’t thought through. Shoulda listened to Eisenhower on this one. He actually used the U-2 recon photos to help keep the defense budget under control. Of course, as soon as he left office, the pork flowed…

  3. @b89a2cd0b4a30868cb989c058ae927d6:disqus
    There’s a big difference between speaking out against a government policy and advocating for government funding by siding with one political side or the other.
    The concerned scientists who protested against the nuclear program generally didn’t have a dog in the hunt – they were leftists using their scientific credentials for attention – when that meant something integrity wise. Unlike the scientists that advocated canceling the Apollo program long before it got off the ground because it was draining their research money. This sounds like what Kaku is advocating and frankly it still stinks.

    The lowest of the low, of course, are the folks that adjust their data to validate their politics. Those folks are killing science – because when the public loses it’s faith in the integrity of science – and that will be soon – science as we know it will be over as a boon to the human race.

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